Healthia Srl was founded in May 2018 as an innovative start-up, based on a two-year study, researches and market tests conducted by the initial founders. Healthia’s main goal is to provide customers and, in a broader sense, the whole society and the communities of reference, with health-related innovative solutions and services; This objective is pursued through partnerships with large companies in the medical sector, research institutes and international universities, as thanks to our Scientific Committee whose main responsibility is to develop medical algorithmics.
The idea is inspired by the desire to create a "disruptive" innovation that capitalizes on the thirty-year experience of the partners in marketing, big data analysis and insurance sectors.


Note a margine del Convegno Big Data Analysis in Sanità
Novembre 2018

Raffaele Barberio


Marisa De Rosa

CINECA Head of Health Care Department

Rosario Gagliardi

Founder and General Manager of Formedica Scientific Learning


It is an innovative system of cyber medicine aimed at people; it monitors, manages, prevents and reduces the risk of contracting serious diseases.
Our customers are the big health communities: insurance companies, mutual funds, medium and large companies and banks.
It is based on of 4 elements:


MONITORINGMonitoring of biometric parameters operated with medical and wearable devices and an Android/IOS App. It takes place in fully automatic mode, and according to the logic "turn on your bluethot setup your device and forget it". Our devices are all EEC certified and equipped with wireless data transmission technology and IOS/Android APP.


ALGORITHMDeveloped by our scientific committee, it now generates more than 50 medical alerts and over 150 tips. Thanks to the collaboration of INUIT and CINECA, it will be able to guarantee a very high level of safety in compliance with the GDPR standards that can now be found in the healthcare sector.


Engagement and HappyMarketElaborated in 8 distinctive elements, with the aim of maintaining a lasting, proactive and participatory relationship with the user, it provides a personalized e-commerce for the purchase of services and tailor-made products in collaboration with the client company.


Processing and Healt Big DataThe personalized and self-service dashboard for the customer, the historical data for the registered user, harmonized to achieve the best with 2 distinct purposes: a new overview to achieve the optimization of welfare costs in the health sector; and new awareness for improved health.


“When we talk about health, it’s impossible to leave aside information.”

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Marketing, big data analysis and insurance

NextGen Framework


Happysalus is the first M-Health system designed for Insurance Groups, private and public Welfare Funds and Corporations that guides users towards a healthy life style through constant and continuous self-monitoring of some health parameters reducing their key health risks and allowing for a personalized profiling of every consumer.

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Investing in information gathering will allow prevention of diseases rather than attempting to treat them, and to move from a curative to a predictive healthcare model, for us and for the future generations.

Healthia srl

When we talk about health everything is information,.. today we gather all this information, we analyze it and we make it available..

Healthia srl

Designed to facilitate and deepen the relationship between people and the health care system.

Healthia srl

It allows to define and implement more profiled offer and put in place innovative risk management strategies through cost control policies and value added services

Healthia srl


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Happysalus is only the first service of Happyline, our suite of digital services for people and their homes that will include HappyPet, HappyVet and HappyHome (currently in the development phase).

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