Improves lifestylesHappySalus is an advanced activity tracker that reads your wearables or medical devices and is designed for maximum simplicity...

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Assisting the work of meditationAFib is the most common heart rhythm disorder, can lead to heart failure and is a serious risk of stroke...

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Medical researchEpidemiology is the science that deals with the phenomenon of the onset of diseases in human populations...

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Increasing businessHappySalus is a Mobile-Health system for insurance companies, banks, mutual funds and companies that, starting from the monitoring of physiological parameters ...

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The first @iuc_eu International Urban Cooperation in China mission of Healthia Happysalutista has just ended; has signed an important agreement to find partnerships and collaborations with local governments on the issue of #health big data.


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Healthia in exposalus for the conference on Big Data and artificial intelligence in Healthcare @ Exposalus - Rome.


Customer Testimonails

Applying artificial intelligence as HappySalus does is taking two steps forward. Another advantage is the relationship of cooperation with the universities

Raffaele Barberio PRIVACYITALIA
Customer Testimonails

The key point is data security, following all the European rules with the new GPDR paying the utmost attention to data storage.

Marisa De Rosa CINECA
Customer Testimonails

The web and Big data analytics are a great opportunity because they concisely allow to enclose technological innovation and humanization of care.

Rosario Gagliardi FORMEDICA

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Note on the sidelines of the Big Data Conference on Healthcare, November 2018.

  • Raffaele Barberio Presidente PRIVACYITALIA
  • Marisa De Rosa CINECA Head of Health Care Department
  • Rosario Gagliardi Founder e General Manager di Formedica Scientific Learning


Totally customizable, the HappySalus suite is currently composed of 9 vertical for the different needs of customer companies: The methodology patented by Healhtia is composed of 4 elements:


Monitoring The monitoring of physiological parameters operated with medical devices, wearable and portable, and a complete and intuitive APP for smartphones and tablets, both Android and IOS. The monitored data includes: heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, sleep quality, body mass index, calories consumed, biochemical blood parameters and much more.


Algorithmic. The algorithmic operation and management of big data, following the indications from our Scientific Committee made up of internationally renowned researchers, is in continuous development, and is aimed at:
a) To realize a synthesis of the state of health personalized suggesting the "next step" for the pre-vention.
b) Stimulate the use of advanced predictive diagnostics in a customized manner.
c) Formulate 'ad hoc' health plans.
d) To guide users in adopting healthy models and behaviours based on objective self-diagnosis data.


Engagement ed HappyMarketEngagement with the end user, consisting of 8 elements, with the aim of maintaining a lasting, proactive and participatory relationship; it involves purchases in APP, PayPerUse or included, depending on the subscription purchased:
a) Basic alerts: warnings on non-standard personal parameters
b) Complex Alerts: developed on parameters interpreted through interaction with an artificial intelligence engine.
c) One2one Tips: lifestyle and behavioural tips.
d) Social media engagement: information on preventive medicine, well-being, longevity, new frontiers of food and supplements.
e) Happy Community: newsletters, blogs, forums, personalized mailings, thematic videos, peer-to-peer health community.
f) Health Optimization Path: customized medical protocols.
g) Happy Gift: rewarding system for virtuous behaviour and continuous use of the device.
h) HappyMarket: Supplements, new devices, innovative diagnostics, micro insurance policies, agreements with diagnostic centers, gyms, spas and much more.


Big Data Processing and HealtThe personalized dashboard and in self-service for the customer, the data history for the registered user, harmonized to obtain the best with 2 distinct aims: a new overview to achieve the optimization of welfare costs in the health sector; and new awareness for improving one's health.

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Marketing, big data analysis e insurance

NextGen Framework


Happysalus is the first M-Health system designed for Insurance Groups, private and public Welfare Funds and Corporations that guides users towards a healthy life style through constant and continuous self-monitoring of some health parameters reducing their key health risks and allowing for a personalized profiling of every consumer.

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Investing in information gathering will allow prevention of diseases rather than attempting to treat them, and to move from a curative to a predictive healthcare model, for us and for the future generations.

Healthia srl

When we talk about health everything is information,.. today we gather all this information, we analyze it and we make it available..

Healthia srl

Designed to facilitate and deepen the relationship between people and the health care system.

Healthia srl

It allows to define and implement more profiled offer and put in place innovative risk management strategies through cost control policies and value added services

Healthia srl


Healthia has the ambition to create the fourth pillar of health care; with HappySalus (the first Healthia brand) it wants to make its purpose concrete, and give everyone the opportunity to access a private health system at "democratic" costs.
Providing on the one hand a virtuous system that helps people to feel better, and to intercept critical issues about their state of health, on the other hand providing their doctors with the right information analyzed by the complex medical algorithm. With HappyMarket you can customize the possibilities of purchasing, routing to the right health care facilities or to services and advanced products.

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Eugenio Luigi Iorio

Specialist in Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry


Giovanni Scapagnini

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery


Giovanni Spera

President Ethics Committee of Sapienza - University of Rome



Raffaele Barberio


Marisa De Rosa

CINECA Head of Health Care Department

Rosario Gagliardi

Founder e General Manager di Formedica Scientific Learning

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Our company for the "HAPPYSALUS" project has obtained financial support from the European Union - ERDF, PON Enterprise and Competitiveness 2014-2020
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